What can ASLClicker do ?

Here are just a few great features of ASLClicker

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30+ Credit mails supported

ASLClicker comes with 30+ Safelist sites supported out of the box meaning you can earn thousands of mailing credits strait away


Earn thousands of mail credits in minutes giving you more time to actually build and run your online ventures
(*site limitations apply)

View process or data

You can switch between Browser and Data view allowing you to view what you want when you want at the click of a button

Use multiple accounts

Add multiple Gmail accounts and store them for when you need to earn credits to save you needing to re-enter login details over and over again

Useful stats

The UI displays useful info from status displays showing what is happening to how many credits earned during session and even the progress of each process

Save results

If you like to keep records of what you have earned or where you earned from last you can save your mailing results to txt or csv file to keep track

Built in OCR

ASLClicker does comes with its own OCR built right in, so no need to spend money on captcha services, of course the option to use a captcha service is also supported as backup

OCR Control

Enable or disable and including retry amount setting for complete control of your captcha settings

Manual option

If you dont use a captcha service there is a manual option and you will be greeted with a popup to enter captcha manually

Captcha service support

Its nice to have backup so you can rely on 5 built in captcha services to make sure everything continues to run smoothly

Ad captchas sorted

Built with total automation in mind if you need to view ads before sending ASLClicker has you covered and will autosolve 30+ end of ad captchas for FREE

ASLClicker and Gmail

Controlling your Gmail account with ASLClicker

Screen image

Add accounts from file

You can add multiple Gmail accounts from pre-saved files in txt or csv format for easy use

IMAP connection check

Use the plug icon to check your Gmail credentials are correct before using for peace of mind

Label totals

As well as displaying your labels you will also be able to see exactly how many messages are in each label

ID settings panel

Complete control over your Gmail IDs to use as and when you want and save for later use

Gmail labels

ASLClicker will display all of your *pre-created Gmail labels ready for you to select

Select multiple

Click the label names that you want to earn credits for and ASLClicker will go to each in sequence

ASLClicker in Action

Check out ASLClicker in action below and see some of the mentioned features for yourself

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