What is CoinCollector ?

CoinCollector V6 is a multi-Faucet AutoClicker

[ Crypto Currencies ]
CoinCollector V6 will auto collect Bitcoins, Dogecoins, Litecoin, Dashcoin at UNLIMITED *compatible* faucet sites.

[ 4 Built in Scrapers ]
V6 comes included with an ePay Scraper, iFaucet Scraper, Google Scraper, BCRotator Scraper.

[ Task Scheduler ]
The NEW Task Scheduler has been simplified so you can now Run CoinCollector at scheduled intervals with ease.

[ Built in OCR ]
And of course last but by no means least CoinCollector V6 now also comes with a built in OCR to help save on captcha costs, ..
but not only that !!
You can Enable the built in OCR and either Manual or a Captcha Service, this basically means you can set the Manual window or your favourite captcha service as backup if the OCR fails to solve the captcha.

A Quick Look at CoinCollector V6

Check out some of the awesome new features included with CoinCollector V6.

More Demos and Tutorials at the AutoClickBots YouTube Channel

What is included with CoinCollector V6 ?

Other than the obvious Faucet Automation ...
Check out some of the awesome features and functions available in CoinCollector V6.

FaucetHUB Scraper

ePay Scraper

Select your settings and scrape ALL sections of ePay.

Google Scraper

Google Scraper

Select how many, what type and check if wanted, find faucets quick.

iFaucet Scraper

iFaucte Scraper

Select your desired options and scrape faucets from iFaucet.

BCRotator Scraper

BCRotator Scraper

Select your options and scrape faucets from BCRotator, even check for ALIVE faucets.

Built in OCR

Built in OCR

The new V6 settings panel includes an OCR to help save on captcha costs.


HMA VPN Support

Run CoinCollector along side HMA Pro VPN, use multiple instances with ease.

Task Scheduler

Task Scheduler

Re-coded Task Scheduler, now even easier to run how and when you want.

Multiple User Interface Skins

9 UI Skins

You can now select your favourite style to use CoinCollector with 9 UI Skins .

The Scrapers

Since the first CoinCollector customers have requested lists of faucets that are compatible, .. So Ive implemented 4 Scrapers to get you going QUICK.

FaucetHUB Scraper

Choose your scrape options and import faucets from FaucetHUB into CoinCollector .

iFaucet Scraper

Choose your scrape options and import faucets from iFaucet into CoinCollector .

Google Scraper

Choose your scrape options and import faucets fresh from Google into CoinCollector with the option to check for dead faucets.

BCRotator Scraper

Choose your scrape options and import faucets from BitcoinRotator into CoinCollector .

How to Install and Configure . . .

Fresh Install

Follow the Very simple procedure to be up and running just a few mins


Quick Setup

Enter all necessary details, select preferences and your ready to go