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    HELP - My bot does NOT work !! ( COMMON FIX STEPS )

    If you bot is not working as it should ... eg.  Display has frozen  Bot has stopped  Bot is not reacting to cl[...]

    Error Updating ?

    Error Updating your ACB Bot ?   If during an update you see an error like or similar to the image below then please ju[...]

    INFO - I need help with GSA !

    1. download GSA Captcha Breaker (30 day trial version available from original site) 2. open it and setup the setting : Re[...]

    INFO - I need help with Captcha Sniper !

    1) select "CAPTCHA Sevice Accounts" select "Add" From the dropdown select "Decaptcher" 2) In [...]

    INFO - Error "Unable to Contact License Server"

    If you see this error please first check you are running the bot as "Admin" .... If the notification still shows t[...]