CC-Builder Full Guide (Also available by clicking the "?" button on the Main UI) :

CC-Builder Guide



Demo Video - CC Builder [Custom Automation Tool] - Creating an Automation Script


Demo Video - CC-Builder - Import Script To CoinCollector


Demo Video - CC-Builder - Import Settings From CoinCollector



Commands Summary :


Navigate to a web page (or Load a webpage) ready to automate, very quick and simple.


Click an element on a page, anything from buttons and text to images. "AND" and "OR" operators supported.

[Type Text]

Type any text you like, use a Crypto address imported from CoinCollector or any other text you can think of.

[Wait(For Page Load)]

3 types to select including just waiting for a page to load and waiting for everything to load (background, javascript etc).


Wait for a specific amount of time in seconds.

[Wait(For Element)]

Wait for an element to load or appear. "AND" and "OR" operators supported

[Captcha Solve]

Solve multiple types of captchas, select which type directly or use the built in AutoDetect.

[Get Faucet Result]

Scrape/Get a faucet claim amount to be added to the Total claimed display in CoinCollector.



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