1) select "CAPTCHA Sevice Accounts" select "Add" From the dropdown select "Decaptcher"

2) In the CAPTCHA Sevice Accounts window make sure the only sevice that is checked is "Decaptcher"

3) Now start captcha sniper under "Stettings" click "Use Hosts File Redirect" and "Save Settings on Exit" then click "Use CSSE"
(That should open the Captcha Sniper Service Emulator that will auto start.)

4) Click Stop Then click the "HTTP Api" tab check only the "Decaptcher" 
(Which sould contain "poster.decaptcher.com, poster.de-captcher.com, poster.de-captcher.info, poster.decaptcher-reloaded.com")

5) Now Click Save

6) Then Click "Sockets Api" Tab
Check only the "Decaptcher Socket"
Port(s): should contain "6749,3456"
Host(s): should contain "api.decaptcher.com, api.de-captcher.com, api.de-captcher.info, api.decaptcher-reloaded.com"

7) Now Click Save

8) Restart the Captcha Sniper Service Emulator now all your captchas from ubot will be sent to captcha sniper 

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