CoinCollector crashing is normal and is CLEARLY mentioned in a few places on the site and in the Read me file that comes with the download : 


This was specifically why the Scheduler was added to the bot so you could start and stop the bot at scheduled intervals, 

for example, .... 

You could set the bot to run every 1 hour for *hours

This way the bot will be started AND closed, therefore if the bot were to crash at any point then at the end of the hour the bot will be forced to close automatically, and then a new instance re-opened and started.


The reason the bot crashes is very simple, .. 

Lets imagine you where sat in front of your PC and opening and closing 18 instances of ANY browser each time loading websites stuffed with flash, java, ads, popups, popunders etc etc etc ...

The browser will crash eventually an any pc with any specs, ...



The PC I develop on has i7 Quad 3.50GHz, 64GB RAM and CoinCollector will still only reach between 15-18 runs before odd things occur, 

so I run every day, .. every 1 hour for 6 hours, if it crashes then it closes after the hour and opens a fresh instance and continues earning.


Some elements of the faucet pages are removed by the bot to prevent severe resource drainage but if anymore were to be auto removed then the bot would get caught, 

it is as simple as that :)


So the scheduler was developed and added for the user to work around any inevitable crashes.



P.S. I have mentioned that the bot will run at scheduled intervals, this can be ANY set interval (every 10 mins, every 30 mins etc etc etc etc )

and is easily controlled within the bot and/or Windows Task Scheduler, ...



If you have problems setting this up there is a feature video here, 

It is advised to watch the scheduling section to make sure set up correctly :

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