There could be a multitude of reason for failed claims, many of which are usually incorrect captcha replies and how many retries you set the bot to in the settings panel, for example if set to 1 retry and the captcha worker enters the wrong answer then the claim will fail, .. 

Not to mention captcha bid settings, timeouts from slow internet, captcha service server overload etc etc etc etc etc etc ....


If captcha cost is a problem then you can use the the bot in Manual Mode ... ITS FREE ! ! !




Switch the bot to "Debug Mode" within the settings panel to see EXACTLY what is happening

  • Then just run the bot and drag the corner of the bots UI open so you can see the browsers when they appear, 
  • Click on a few and watch the process and you will be able to see what the bot is doing 




Custom Section - Find Your Own


As of V4 there is now a "Custom Section" as you have probably seen on the CoinCollector sales page and features video
so you could use Google to find higher paying faucets supported by the custom system, 

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