CoinCollector Issues

CoinCollector Starting Problems :

When you first run CoinCollector (or ANY bot from ACB) then your bot will need to download necessary support files, 
This is done in the background so not to bother you, ..
However this can take some time depending on your PC specs, mainly NET speed, there are 60 files in total (144MB),

If a bot is taking a long time to load please do the following :

  • Open Windows Task Manager (CTRL, ALT and DEL)
  • Look under the "Processes" tab
  • You should see "CoinCollector : Downloading support files ......."
  • Please wait for it to finish and the bot will start

CoinCollector License Problems :
If you have ANY license problems with CoinCollector, ... 

Please download a fresh copy from here :

And then delete the "license.lic" file within your "CoinCollector" folder and re-enter your license details from your license email, and you shouldnt see the error again, .. 

If you do see another error you can reset your license manually via your ACB account area :


CoinCollector Captcha Problems :
If you are seeing "Claim Failed" for EVERY faucet, ...

  • 1 - Make sure you have ONLY ONE service selected and disable ALL others
  • 2 - When you enter your details click the little orange "Check" button next to your chosen service and make sure your balance shows, If it doesnt then click where you enter and press "CTRL + A" then delete then copy and paste your details making sure there are no spaces at the start or end.
  • 3 - If your balance does show correctly then open your selected captcha service account in your "normal" browser and check the following :
  • - Your current captcha bid, if too low no captchas will be solved
  • - if using 2Cap or Anti then you can view captchas being solved in realtime, run the bot and see if any captchas appear
  • 4 - If no Captchas are appearing in your Captcha Service history page then go to your "CoinCollector" folder while the bot is running and see if captchas are appearing in the "captcha" folder

  • If captchas ARE appearing in the "captcha" folder and NOT your Captcha Service's history or realtime page then YOUR PC is blocking the bot from sending the captcha images !
  • If captchas are NOT appearing in the "captcha" folder please try moving the "CoinCollector" folder directly on to your "C:"

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