Take your email marketing to the next level with the ASL Suite !

Earn thousands of credits and send thousands of your advertising emails to potential buyers looking for your product.

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ASLMailerASLClicker ASL Suite - $100 *$25

Dual Displays

Both software have the option to View the running process in a built in browser or Realtime results data

Full Control

Fully configurable, from editing lists, spinning your messages with preview, to click amounts and waiting times

Built In OCR

A built in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to bypass any captchas during login or opening credit mail


Both software will automatically update when an update is available so you always have the latest version

Send your Marketing Emails to Thousands, Put your marketing on AutoPilot

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  • ASLMailer

  • ASLClicker

  • OCR Built In

  • Multiple Accounts Supported

  • Sneaky Peek

ASLMailer - This amazing new Email Marketing tool will send to over 30 different Safelist sites giving your advertised products or services the attention they deserve !


Dual Display

ASLMailer allows you to chose between 2 different views, ..
Browser and Data

Spintax Supported

You can spin your Subject, Message and Promo URL to give each mail a unique feel

Multiple Options

ASLMailer gives the user plenty of options to configure usage and optimise your mailing campaigns


Dual Display

Dual View to give you the option of viewing the working process or realtime reports

Settings ad Stats

The UI design is designed with the user in mind, usefull information and settings to fully configure

IMAP Secure Connection

ASLClicker uses secure IMAP protocol to grab your credit mail for stability and security

Export Results

Save your results to txt or csv file to keep track of ASLClickers use

Built In OCR

Both ASLMailer and ASLClicker have multiple options for captcha solving,
We includeded an OCR to save you cash on any captchas


Both ASLMailer and ASLClicker support Multiple accounts so the user doesnt need to fish out different lists for separate advertsing/Marketing campaigns, or Gmail accounts.

* ASLMailer

Multiple Safelists

You have the option to use multiple Safelist accounts to group your Safelists that allow sending at set times


Mutliple Gmail Accounts

Users have the option of using multiple Gmail accounts and ability to load any added account with 1 click

Safelist Control

Added lists can be enabled/disabled, deleted/removed, also ability to add lists as a new list or to update an existing list

IMAP Check

Check your Gmail account login to make sure details are correct and conection is posssible with display to reflect result

Check Out Both In Action

* ASLMailer - Feature and Process Demonstration
* ASLClicker - Feature and Process Demonstration

30+ Safelist Supported

ASLMailer and ASLCLicker directly support 30+ Safelist sites but not only that there is special "WildCard" code which will offer support for even more Safelist sites, ...

Support for specific Safelist Sites can be added upon request.

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Screen image

ASLMailer Design

The UI is not only easy on the eyes but also shows a mutitude of user options and stats.

Usefull Info

The UI displays everything you need to know, showing selected mesasge files, if written manually, your current list name and total of list, running tthreads display, a progess bar showing where the current process is

User Options

Add messages by file or write them on the fly, enable and disable any safelist, delete one, multiple or all, save send results to txt or csv file, alert options to enable easy operation

Multiple Status Displays

Its important to know whats happening and when it is happening, there are status displays showing the main running process including active threads and the Data view showing each individual safelist preocess

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Screen image

ASLClicker Design

ASLClickers UI is also stacked with user options and various status displays for ultimate control

Gmail Label Display

Once you load your selected Gmail account you will see all your created label and mail totals for each label

IMAP Connection Status

To save confusion ASLClicker lets you test your Gmail IMAP connection status with an alert and a display icon to show connection status while running

Total Clicks and Credits

The UI also shows your total emails clicked and total credits/points earned for your session, both can be reset at any time


$60 *$15

Auto send to 30+ Safelist sites

One time payment

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  • Unlimited lists
  • Spintax Supported
  • Multi-Thread
  • Activate on 2 PC's


$60 *$15

Auto earn credits to send mail

One time payment

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  • Unlimited Gmail Accounts
  • Complete Control
  • Multi-Thread
  • Activate on 2 PC's

ASL Suite


1 Months use of ASL Suite

Per month

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  • * All ASLMailer Features
  • * All ASLClicker Features
  • Managable Monthly Fee
  • Activate on 2 PC's