What is BiTiCk ?
BiTiCk is a Bitcoin Ticker


  • Multiple notification options
  • Email alerts for High and Low thresholds
  • Currency calculator
  • BTC Transaction checker

  • [ Ticker ]
    BiTiCk Monitors BTC value in multiple user defined currencies at user set intervals.

    [ Notifications ]
    Choose between 2 desktop notifications to keep you updated with the latest updates displying Value, Buy, Sell and more, .. Set High and Low thresholds and receive Email Alerts so you dont need to worry about missing out on time sensitive trading.

    [ Currency Calculator ]
    Easy to use Currency Converter to quickly calculate between any available support currency in seconds.

    [ Transaction Checker ]
    Check any Bitcoin Transaction in an instant showing details including - Transaction status, Time of transaction, Total confirmations, Block data + More .. Includes the option to open transaction in Blockchain within the users default browser.

    but not only that !!

    Extra features include interactive user interface icons, auto or manual refresh, up to date bar chart graphic and more to give you the best BiTiCk experience.

    A Quick Look at BiTiCk

    Check out some of the awesome features included in BiTiCk

    More Demos and Tutorials at the AutoClickBots YouTube Channel

    What is included with BiTiCk ?

    Other than the awesome Ticker ...
    Check out some of the awesome features and functions available in BiTiCk.


    BTC Ticker

    Stay up to date with the latest BTC values within the BiTiCk attractive UI.


    Email Alerts

    Easily Set and receive email alerts for your own high and low thresholds.


    Simple SMTP Config

    Simple setup and supports most email providers (Gmail, Yahoo etc..).


    Easy Configuration

    Configure the way you want to use BiTiCk in just a few clicks.



    Select between 2 notification types or turn off, its up to you.


    Multiple Currencies

    BiTiCk currently supports 21 main currencies, can add more upon request.


    Currency Conversion

    Simple tool to check value between any of the supported currencies in an instant


    Transaction Checker

    Enter a transaction id and instantly get the relevant details for that transaction.


    BiTiCk gives you the ability to receive mulitple notifications upon update and threshold limits, 2x Desktop and Email.

    Sys (System) Tray

    Plain and simply tray notifications.


    Slightly larger display.

    High/Low Alerts

    Set you own High and Low thresholds and receive alert the moment either is reached.

    Email Alerts

    Supports most email providers (Gmail, Yahoo etc..) very easy to set up to stay up to date.

    BiTiCk .. Simple but functional . . .

    Detail GUI

    View important details like current value, buy and sell prices when you need to


    Easy Config

    Quickly select your desired preferences and/or alerts and your ready to go


    BiTiCk .. Included Extra Features . . .

    Currency Calculator

    Check incoming or outgoing conversion amount values in an instant.


    Transaction Checker

    View important details about any transaction like status, confirmations and paid amounts.