What is CC-Builder ?

CC-Builder is an Automation Script Creation tool for CoinCollector or can be used as a stand alone tool.

[ Automate Almost Any CryptoCurrency Faucet ]
CC-Builder will auto collect ANY Cryptocurrency, Use the CoinCollector Import options or use the custom option to enter any Crypto ID/Address that is not supported by CoinCollector.

[ Built in Captcha Support ]
CC-Builder comes with Multiple Captcha Support included - SolveMedia, reCaptcha (Text), reCaptcha (Images), these are the typical captcha types found on most faucets.

[ Dual View - Builder/Browser ]
Once you have added steps and built your Script simply switch to the built in browser view and Run/Debug your work.

[ Multiple Automation Options ]
CC-Builder comes with all the basic commands needed to Automate, ..
From Navigate to a URL, Click a page element, multiple Waiting types to Typing text by using Crypto ID's imported from CoinCollector or any custom text you choose and also includes a command to Scrape/Get a faucet claim amount to be displayed and added to the Totals displayed in CoinCollector.

CC-Builder was specifically developed to create custom faucet automation but can be used to automate many other types of website.

A Quick Look at CC-Builder

Check out some of the awesome new features included with CC-Builder.

More Demos and Tutorials at the AutoClickBots YouTube Channel

What is included with CC-Builder?

But what commands are available to use ?...
Check out the Awesome Commands and Functions available in CC-Builder.



Navigate to a web page (or Load a webpage) ready to automate, very quick and simple.



Click an element on a page, anything from buttons and text to images. "AND" and "OR" operators supported.

Type Text

Type Text

Type any text you like, use a Crypto address imported from CoinCollector or any other text you can think of.

Wait(For Page Load)

Wait(For Page Load)

3 types to select including just waiting for a page to load and waiting for everything to load (background, javascript etc).



Wait for a specific amount of time in seconds.

Wait(For Element)

Wait(For Element)

Wait for an element to load or appear. "AND" and "OR" operators supported

Captcha Solve

Captcha Solve

Solve multiple types of captchas, select which type directly or use the built in AutoDetect.

Get Faucet Result

Get Faucet Result

Scrape/Get a faucet claim amount to be added to the Total claimed display in CoinCollector.

Other Options ..

Ive included a few options to make working between CC-Builder and CoinCollector SIMPLE and QUICK.

Crypto Address/ID Import

Quickly import all of your crypto address's from CoinCollector to use in CC-Builder, nice and simple.

Captcha Settings Import

Quickly import all of your Captcha Settings from CoinCollector stright into CC-Builder, again nice and simple.

Load and Save Scripts

Save your created Script to import straight into CoinCollector. Need to change something, no worries simply reload your saved work in a few clicks

Add/Edit/Delete Steps

Complete control over your script creation, Add, Edit and delete commands with ease to make your automation perfect.

How to Use CC-Builder with CoinCollector . . .

Import CoinCollector Settings

Import your Settings in a Click


Importing to CoinCollector

Import your Script in a few simple clicks


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