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Attractive and easy to read Bitcoin ticker displaying real time updates, Current Value, Current Buy price, Current Sell price + More. Currency converter and transaction checker built in, ... Also the ability to set High and Low Email notifications.

Additional Images

BiTiCk / SMTP Test
BiTiCk / SMTP Email Notification Setup
BiTiCk / Minimize
BiTiCk / Notification Options
BiTiCk / BlockChain
BiTiCk / Popup Notification
BiTiCk / Tray Hover
BiTiCk / Tray Notification
BiTiCk / UI Display Notifications
BiTiCk / View Chart
BiTiCk / Currency Converter selection
BiTiCk / High & Low Email Notification
BiTiCk / Currency Converter
BiTiCk / Transaction Checker
BiTiCk / Config Panel
BiTiCk / Main UI
BiTiCk / Main UI

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